“I recorded Killers and Stars, by myself, in the dining room of the house where I was living, in early March, 2001. I had just gotten divorced, was fighting with the band and a good number of my friends. I was feeling pretty freaked out and isolated and this album was my therapy. Most of the songs were within a couple of weeks old (although a couple of songs dated back quite a few years). I recorded the album in two consecutive nights, then ran down some rough mixes myself (with no outboard sweetening at all) about a week later. When I was finished I was pretty sure it was pure shit. It had been more of a personal project and wasn’t anything I had any desire to release or for that matter even finish. Like I said, therapy (or an exorcism or whatever).” — Paterson Hood
Patterson Hood – Uncle Disney
MP3: Patterson Hood – Pay No Attention

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