Looking at the Yer Bird Records site I noticed they have an upcoming release on the horizon from North Dakota artist Nic Garcia. While this will be the first release on the Yer Bird label, Garcia has several albums out available on his Website. Sample tracks from previous releases below…
nic garcia’s music is as desolate as his home state of north dakota. he has been stumbling under the radar recording and self-releasing his music. his songs are the soundtrack for those early-morning journeys home from the witching hour. he usually performs solo with just his voice, guitar, and amplifier.”

Nic Garcia – Long, Long Time
MP3: Nic Garcia – Dirty
MP3: Nic Garcia – Ballad of Peter Night
MP3: Nic Garcia – Time Folded
MP3: Nic Garcia – Funnel Cloud
MP3: Nic Garcia – City Skyline

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