I predict this album will generate a fair amount of initial fanfare. First, it’s an album made up entirely of covers from one of the more successful “indie” bands of the past five years. Second, those who know/love Mark Kozelek’s work (either from Red House Painters, Solo, or Sun Kil Moon) are usually pretty die-hard. Kozelek notoriously re-interprets other artist’s work like no other. Period. His album comprised of AC/DC songs,What’s Next To The Moon, stripped each song to it’s bare acoustic essence.
Such is the case with Tiny Cities. Taking songs from various Modest Mouse albums, Kozelek tranfigures each tune like an alchemist, molding, sculpting…stripping. With this chosen malleable material in hand he creates somthing altogether different. Below are the first and final tracks on the album out November 1st.
MP3: Sun Kil Moon – Exit Does Not Exist
MP3: Sun Kil Moon – Ocean Breathes Salty

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