Anyone who has seen the classic Athens, GA music documentary Athens, Georgia: Inside/Out (1986) will no doubt remember (their name at least) the Squalls. Part of the burgeoning early ’80s scene that birthed The B-52’s, Flat-Duo Jets, R.E.M, & Pylon, the Squalls remained in obscurity. On their site, maintained by a former band member, both the first EP and 7″ single are available for download as well as a show from 1985 recorded live at the 40 Watt Club. Funky, southern, amateur new-wave…dig it.

MP3: Squalls – Elephant Radio
MP3: Squalls – Strollin’ Bones
MP3: Squalls – Information
MP3: Squalls – Na Nanana
MP3: Squalls – Relax
MP3: Squalls – Kalinka

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