I’ve now had two weeks to soak up the pre-release of Rocinate (1/06 release date). It’s electronica-tinged-Oklahoman-modern-folk jams should prove worth the wait. My knowledge of this group was cursory at best prior to this album, but I’m now full on board. Ester Drang’s atmospheric open-ended sound is presently on tour throughout the U.K.

“Ester Drang’s third full length, Rocinate, catapults the band even further into their patented synth-dripped rhythms, throbbing percussion, rising horns and post-gazer grandeur, having as much in common with Brian Eno’s mournful drone as they do The Notwist’s passionate textures. Rocinate affords these Oklahomans the freedom to orchestrate their imagination into a beautiful ensemble of tracks; proving that songs not only have the power to elevate, to leave you infiltrated, but when properly strung together can be as transcendent as they are moving.”

MP3: Ester Drang – Come Back Alive
MP3: Ester Drang – Valencia’s Dying Dream

EXTRA: off the Infinite Keys album:
MP3: Ester Drang – Dead Man’s Point of View
MP3: Ester Drang – The Greatest Thing

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