Born in 2004 Los Angeles, CA: Letting Up Despite Great Faults — Some have said that this music paints for them green hills and lush forests, while many have agreed that the songs are just simply beautiful. m.Lee deftly interweaves piano and guitar with intelligently sequenced patterns of electronic drums and analog sounds to form the beautiful and often picturesque organic/electronic sound that is Letting Up. In addition, there is a talented roster of players in this very unique group. Joann Whang is a cellist earning her bachelor’s at the Colburn school of music. She is officially the second member of the group, joining Lee in March/April of 2005. Erland Adargas, who has been close friends with Lee since high school, controls the programming and plays the MPC. Amy Izushima, who also sings, is an accomplished vibraphonist, having competed in numerous national competitions. And bringing the foundation to which everyone else layers over, Toshi Arai plays the electric bass. Then of course there is Lee, who coyly sings and interchanges between the intimacy of acoustic guitar and piano. They all aim to create a feeling that is at once both driven by hope and yet pained with melancholy.

If you are in the L.A. area Letting Up will be playing at Good Hurt in Venice Monday night…I intend to be there. Their new EP (Hide.Pretend.EP) is fantastic blend of indie electronica. Come see them separate wheat from the chaff in this growing genre.

MP3: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – Maybe I’ll Hide With You
MP3: Letting Up Despite Great Faults – I Hear You Drowning But I’m Tied

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