Fall Records is hot right now. Between Page France and now The White Foliage they are getting quite a bit of airplay in and around the Drunkard’s L.A. home office. Mrs. Satisfied and I like this one quite a bit, & would deem it a morning/night album, best enjoyed with nothing much going on…slow..easy..relaxed. Ethereal dream-avant-pop. Here’s what the label says: “Formed in late 2001, catalyzed by a mutual love for Neutral Milk Hotel, we traded tapes through the mail and built up a vast (or at least respectable) surplus of vaguely experimental pop. At some point Marie mused, “Hey, maybe we could act like a band.” I was like, “Totally.” So we did.We’re just two kids with hundreds of miles of frozen tundra between us and the nearest scene. Only we’re the best band ever.”

MP3: The White Foliage – Drug Song
MP3: The White Foliage – Zurich (be still)

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