“The Who is a bloody wild animal and it has to be fed chunks of raw meat and Southern Comfort. It can’t feed on anything less.”

–Pete Townshend, New York Times, June 13th, 1974.
The Who: bombastic, excessive, crude, vulgar, drunk, unfashionably fucking awesome. Through a vicodin haze (er, neck injury) I recently sat down to watch The Who’s The Kids Are Alright dvd from Netflix. It was the shit. If you haven’t seen it yet, rent it. Now I have to dig out my copy of Quadrophenia and listen to Pete get all deep/operatic again. **I had to watch the clip of the band playing “Young Man’s Blues” twice, so here are two different versions. Go practice your windmill guitar…and leg kicks.
MP3: The Who – Young Man’s Blues (who’s next bonus)
MP3: The Who – Young Man’s Blues (box set)
Amazon: The Who – The Kids Are Alright (DVD)

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