Part III of the Soundtrack Enthusiast Series. For the most part I have enjoyed the majority of Cameron Crowe’s films…not so fast Elizabethtown. Having said that, Elizabethtown’s soundtrack — as the norm with all Crowe’s films — was good, especially the “road-trip” sequence toward the end. Below are some tracks post-Say Anything. Read part two: (David Lynch) here. Read part one: (Wes Anderson) here.

MP3: Singles – Paul Westerberg – Dyslexic Heart
MP3: Singles – Paul Westerberg – Waiting For Somebody
MP3: Jerry McGuire – Neil Young – World On A String
MP3: Jerry McGuire – Paul McCartney –Singalong Junk
MP3: Almost Famous – Simon and Garfunkel – America
MP3: Almost Famous – Rod Stewart – Every Picture Tells A Story
MP3: Vanilla Sky – Red House Painters – Have You Forgotten (redux)
MP3: Vanilla Sky – R.E.M. – The Sweetness Follows
MP3: Elizabethtown – My Morning Jacket – Where To Begin
MP3: Elizabethtown – Elton John – My Father’s Gun


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