Ah yes….an album that truly makes you just wanna say fuck it. I’m assuming Greg entitled this album Medicine Fuck Dream only because Taking Drugs to Make Music to Take Drugs To was already taken. Listening to this album is like swimming through a pool of hot jello. Slow, heavy, fuzzy, druggy, dense, sticky and hazy sweet. But the kind of sweet that almost makes you nauseous…but in a good way. These songs were recorded by Greg (except one track) in 2001/02 between Texas and California. Recommended to fans of Spaceman 3, Neutral Milk Hotel, Lo-fi Ween, and the mondo bizarro Syd Barrett.
*He also covers Hank Williams “Lost Highway”…not a half-bad take on it either.

MP3: Greg Ashley – Apple Pie & Genocide
MP3: Greg Ashley – Medicine Fuck Dream
Amazon: Greg Ashley – Medicine Fuck Dream
*you can get this free at eMusic with the 50 free mp3 trial offer….

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