“You’re now holding in your digital hands some of the original sounds that have wafted from the home studio of Edith Frost over the last decade. Before the acclaimed albums Wonder Wonder, Telescopic, and Calling Over Time were rendered, this was Edith’s sound, lonesome and unadorned.”
“Country, blues and old-timey are all part of the foundation of her own musical blend, and hearing Edith sing these old songs is always transcendent, she always makes them her own…..The songs here show that all Edith ever really needs is a guitar – with very little else, perhaps just another harmony vocal or two, she shines luminously.”

01 Who
02 Cars and Parties
03 Temporary Loan
04 On Hold
05 One-Chord Complaint
06 Dreamers
07 Walk on the Fire
08 Pony Song
09 Wonder Wonder
10 I Get the Craziest Feeling* (Floyd Tillman)
11 Look What Thoughts Will Do* (Lefty Frizzell)
Available as a zip file with album art at comforstand

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