My favorite soundtrack to a film this year goes to last summer’s documentary Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus. Alt-country musician, champion of the redneck-underground, Jim White steers us through the deep South connecting the various threads that make this part of America such a potent, fertile, ground for music, literature, and art. Pure Southern Gothic. Highly recommended.

MP3: Jim White – Still Waters

2 Responses to “Soundtrack Rewind 2005 :: Wrong-Eyed Jesus”

  1. Hi, I’d like to use the image of Jim White on this page for educational purposes. I am an art student and am creating a fake new CD album by him with pictures, typography, text, illustrations, graphics, etc. I’m a big fan.

    If this is possible, please give me the photographer’s info so I can properly credit him or her.



  2. @danae – up to the artist

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