Funtime Ok is a blog I read almost daily, but hadn’t checked since returning to Los Angeles last week. Well I checked last night, and came away frothing at the mouth. On Wednesday Brian posted the Fugazi “Steve Albini In On The Kill Taker demos” that were scrapped by the band and later re-recorded for official release.

MP3: Fugazi – Returning The Screw
MP3: Fugazi – Smallpox Champion
MP3: Fugazi – Walken’s Syndrome
MP3: Fugazi – 23 Beats Off
MP3: Fugazi – Public Witness Program
MP3: Fugazi – Great Cop
MP3: Fugazi – Cassavettes
* Fugazi’s entire catalog can be found on…50 free MP3 trial
**Check out this excellent audio interview with Ian McKaye

2 Responses to “Fugazi :: In On The Kill Taker (Steve Albini Demos)”

  1. Does anyone know where to get the Albini Killtaker demos??

  2. I’m looking for these too. Heard the whole set yesterday morning on SiriusXMU and I’m now jonesing for them.

    Love I.O.T.K.T. and the demos versions are fantastic.

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