CYSTSFTS has a couple of Jenny lewis and Watson Twins tunes up. Head over to You Ain’t No Picasso asap as Matt has uploaded the nine Page France tracks that were featured for a limited time on MySpace over the past week. All tracks feature commentary via Michael Nau. Scenestars lists some of their favorite records in ’05.
Over at I Guess I’m Floating, Connor has posted two MP3s of Beck covering Nick Drake. MOKB weighs in on Morningwood vs. We Are Scientist. The Rawkblog features HEM.
SixEyes has a heap of M. Ward tracks up for the taking. Everybody Cares pimps Beerjacket (best band name ever?). David at Largehearted Boy is interviewed by the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on his thoughts on MP3 blogs.
Marathon Packs just launched Cover Mix Contest, Volume II…head over there & maybe you’ll win. Muzzle of Bees: Birwire love. Indie Interviews has announced they have teamed up with the Indie Feed Network.
Last but by NO means least is The Rock Robot’s Guide to Guided By Voices. He’s done a great job here.

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