With music, often times, one good thing leads to another. This was the case with how I came to discover Neal Casal’s music via Ryan Adams. Presently living in New York City filling in on guitar duties for Adams’ band The Cardinals, I was initially surprised to learn Casal had a good 6+ solo albums under his belt and a super-devoted fan base. After listening to his career retrospective Leaving Traces I quickly understood why. Casal has the talent…blending pop, country, folk, and rock sensibilities into his own hybrid vehicle. He delivers too.

“There’s never the taint of commercial premeditation or artistic compromise in Casal’s music, which carries an out-of-time quality similar to Van Morrison’s early work. Like a good filmmaker, Neal’s world is his own but it illuminates our own with his tales of bottomed out life and how one climbs back from that place.”

MP3: Neal Casal – Real Country Dark
MP3: Neal Casal – Just Getting By
MP3: Neal Casal – All The Luck In The World
MP3: Neal Casal – Me And Queen Sylvia

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