This is the second live set I have uploaded and posted here on the Drunkard. The first being the excellent James Booker 1978 Montreux Jazz Festival bootleg. Look for these uploads to be a semi-regular feature in the future.

A little history: In early 2000 Steely Dan rose like a phoenix from the ashes and delivered Two Against Nature, their first album since 1980’s Gaucho. As a bona-fide Steely Dan freak, I was more than a little thrilled. Even more curious (and thrilling) was news that Fagan & Becker had plans to tour…something they altogether avoided for all but one year of their early career. I bought tickets immediately. At 24 I was surely one of the youngest in attendance. This set below, recorded as “An In The Spotlight” special for PBS, mirrors the show I was at fairly well mixing up both songs from the (then) new album and catalog favorites. A DVD of the performance is available as well.
Zipped File: Steely Dan – Live PBS, January 2000 – 14 Tracks

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