Part V of my ongoing 50 states project in which I am marrying my interest in retro travel-postcards with music indigenous to each state.

Every Thursday like clockwork I check WQFS Mayhem’s blog to see what J’s radio show consisted of the night before. It’s both inspiring and a tease as it’s a North Carolina based show, and I’m here in Los Angeles. If you’re in the Greensboro area do tune in Wednesday evenings 6pm – 8pm at 90.9 FM.

Today’s helping of the 50 States Project is brought to you via J who cross-promoted this post on his weekly show. Without further ado….

Minneapolis/St. Paul: Mary Tyler Moore, the Mall of America, Jesse “The Body” Ventura. We all have our attachments to the Twin Cities, but none glows more fiery for me than that of its impact on college and indie-rock over the past nearly 30 years. Inspired by, your good friend and mine, Satisfied 75’s state postcard postings, I decided to take every other month of 2006 to dedicate half of one of my weekly radio shows to the cities that made indie-rock great. I chose Minneapolis largely because of my attachment to the Replacements, but there’s plenty more to discover.

Minneapolis’ scene flourished starting in the late 70s with the Suicide Commandos, the godfathers of the scene. They set the stage for the bands that followed by being one of the first bands from there to tour nationally on the up-and-coming network of independent, small bands that helped each other tour. It wasn’t a static scene either, augmented with bands that ran the gamut from hardcore to indie-rock to country and even the odd-man-out with funk and r&b.

Every single one of these bands is worth a listen.

A few of these songs are recorded directly from broadcast. They are vinyl via digital recording, so please forgive the less-than-perfect quality and a few edits for content due to the FCC rules I have to follow on air. Several of these recordings are not available outside of their original vinyl release. Vinyl copies are marked by *:

MP3: *Soul Asylum – Sometime to Return

MP3: Babes in Toyland – Blood

MP3: *Trip Shakespeare – Bachlorette

MP3: The Suburbs – Baby Heartbeat
MP3: The Suburbs – Rattle My Bones

MP3: Prince – When You Were Mine

MP3: *Run Westy Run – Curled Ending

MP3: *Run Westy Run – Cardinal Drive

MP3: *The Jayhawks – Let the Critics Wonder

MP3: The Jayhawks – Settled Down Like Rain

MP3: Hüsker Dü – The Girl Who Lives on Heaven Hill

MP3: The Replacements – Color Me Impressed

MP3: The Replacements – Sixteen Blue

MP3: The Replacements – Gimme Noise

**For more information about these songs, including original release, album information, more factoids and etc., visit j’s indie/rock mayhem blog and dive right in. Enjoy.

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  1. Great info about the Twin Cities!!!I am partial, because I am from here but everything you have said is spot on, especially with regards to the music scene.

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