I’d like to add my two cents on Doveman, which you may have seen around the block on some of the other music blogs the past week. Look for my review of The Acrobat in the next week, but in the meantime do check out some of the tunes up on their Web site available for download that I have linked below. Doveman work the quiet, bedroom-pop sound with finesse — like they own it. Plus, I really like thomas bartlett’s timid voice. It’s like an adult lullaby after a few drinks.

-steffani birthday ep-
MP3: La Cienega (Ryan Adams)
MP3: New partner (Will Oldham)
MP3: Reflections After Jane (Clientele)
MP3: Fade Into You (Mazzy Star)
MP3: Chinatown
-live @ tonic, 8-13-04-
MP3: La Cienega/Secret

**more mp3s available at the Doveman web site…


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