First, check out this Live version of “Big Exit” from Melbourne, Australia’s Live At The Rooftop series that originally aired on Radio 3RRR.

Now on to Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea. While I have played cuts from this record on the radio to the right, I have not dedicated a proper post to the greatness that is this album. Until now. Retaining the attitude that marks her early records, yet adopting more conventional pop sensibilities, this is by far my favorite of PJ Harvey’s work to date. Also her most accessible. Gone is the absolutist lo-fi aesthetic that became her early ’90s trademark, and in it’s place a seasoned Harvey in command of all of her faculties to convey her tales of circumstance and relationships.

**Radiohead fans will take notice that Thom Yorke guests on the track This Mess We’re In.


-Live @ The Rooftop Radio 3RRR-
MP3: PJ Harvey – Big Exit [Live]
-Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea-
MP3: PJ Harvey – Good Fortune
MP3: PJ Harvey – One Line
MP3: PJ Harvey – The Whore’s Hustle
Amazon: PJ Harvey – Stories From The City, Stories From The Sea

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