One of my favorite rock-n-roll troubadours, Daniel Hutchens, is on the road playing a few acoustic dates paired with guitarist Eric Martinez. Now I’ve only been to Idaho once, and not to Moscow, but IF Moscow IS indeed near you I would highly recommend checking out their show. If anyone goes to the Portland gigs, please send me an email with the details as a California tour is not in their immediate plans. Listen to these to hear what I mean.
*Jan. 31 :: Johns Alley Moscow, ID
*Feb. 2 :: Poor Richards Portland, OR
*Feb. 5 :: Cozmic Pizza Eugene, OR
MP3: Daniel Hutchens :: Thrill You
MP3: Daniel Hutchens :: Shebang Delang
MP3: Daniel Hutchens :: Sensible Shoes
Also: I watched the “Geddup Noise” for the first time today on homestar runner. Ridiculous.

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