This post concludes the Ryan Adams leg of the Lost Album Series. The Destroyer album was never officially released, but the sessions did leak on the Internet in early 2005. These tracks were recorded with Gillian Welch and David Rawlings, in Nashville, around the same time as the Heartbreaker sessions, and in the same folkie vein. Note the version of Heartbreaker’s Bartering Lines” as well as the amped up rock version/cover of Welch’s “The Revelator.”
MP3: Born Yesterday
MP3: Dreaming’s Free (I’m Alright Today)
MP3: The Poison & The Pain
MP3: No Disguise
MP3: Rainy Days
MP3: Statuettes With Wounds
MP3: The String & The Wire
MP3: Hey There, Mrs. Lovely
MP3: Nighttime Gals
MP3: In My Time of Need
MP3: Bartering Lines
MP3: Memories of You
MP3: The Revelator
Bonus: Gillian Welch :: The Revelator
Tracklisting & session details:

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