When beck signed to Geffen it was with the caveat that he could still release albums under other labels. Such was the case with 1994’s One Foot In The Grave, released on Washington state’s K Records. A bare bones lo-fi freaked out folk album if there ever was one. Since it’s release Beck has hinted at this style many times, but rarely so precise and concentrated.
Sidenote: Tom Petty covered the song “Asshole” off the album. If anyone has an MP3, shoot it to me and I will post.

MP4: Beck :: Asshole
MP4: Beck :: Outcome
MP4: Beck :: He’s A Mighty Good Leader
MP4: Beck :: Fourteen Rivers, Fourteen Floods
Update >> MP3: Tom Petty :: Asshole (Beck cover) **thanks Walter
Amazon: Beck – One Foot In The Grave

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