It would be easy to write these two off as a White Stripes knock off: a) boy/girl duo – check. b) lo-fi garage rock – check. c) affection for bare-boned blues sludge riffs coupled with the oh-so-quiet/precious moments. check. But you would do yourself a disservice by stopping there and not delving past the surface. In the early ’00s I dismissed many, many a good band due to the proliferation of the “The” bands at the time. I made a conscious effort to not do that again.
What also made me take notice was that Deadboy & Elephantmen are on the Fat Possum label, which to my ears, do not release records based on trends or fluff. Their tastes fall pretty much in line with my own. Here is what the Fat Possum folks have to say: “As a child growing up in Evansville, Indiana, Dax Riggs looked forward to the weekends. His parents were divorced, and Dax lived with his mother, a Jehovah’s Witness. Every Saturday Dax headed out with his mother and the rest of the congregation to neighborhoods further and further away to spread the good Word. Dax had the routine down……”
MP3: Deadboy & Elephantmen :: Break It Off
MP3: Deadboy & Elephantmen :: What The Stairs Have Eaten

Via Fat Possum: Deadboy & Elephantmen :: How Long The Night

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