Sometime in early 1996, Whiskeytown members Ryan Adams and drummer Skillet Gilmore took some time off after the Faithless Street album to form the short lived outfit Freightwhaler. Also on board were: Chris Laney (bass); Sloane Doggett (guitar); and Nicholas Petti (pedal steel). These studio-demo recordings are a must have for those interested in early Whiskeytown and/or the burgeoning mid ’90s indie/alt/country scene. Highly Recommended.

MP3: Freightwhaler :: At The Drive In
MP3: Freightwhaler :: Barlights
MP3: Freightwhaler :: The Ghosts Are Out Tonight
MP3: Freightwhaler :: Sometimes That’s Hard To Do
MP3: Freightwhaler :: Picture of Jesus On The Dashboard
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