Alright, admittingly, I am pretty fired up for the upcoming Blessing And A Curse album. You’ll probably see a lot of DBT posts between now and then. Good news if you’re a fan, if ya ain’t, well…not so much. Alabama Ass Whuppin’ is an interesting Live document in an interesting period of the band’s career. I saw the band in this incarnation, and this is a pretty accurate picture of what their live shows were like: abrasive, loud, loose, and louder.
While I do like this album, many of the songs are inferior to their studio counterparts (e.g. Margo & Harold) while some excel with the live energy (Why Henry Drinks ). A great overall snapshot of the band prior to the impending line-up changes and the accolades their next album, Southern Rock Opera, deservedly received. Turn these up loud.
**Album has some great spoken word banter by Patterson Hood on a few of the tracks
MP3: Drive-By Truckers :: Why Henry Drinks
MP3: Drive-By Truckers :: Lookout Mountain
MP3: Drive-By Truckers :: The Living Bubba
Amazon: Drive-By Truckers – Alabama Ass Whuppin’

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