In my opinion this is easily the record that should have followed up 2001’s Gold. Instead a few of the cuts were cherry-picked for the 2002 Demolition release. Recorded shortly after the Gold sessions in Los Angeles — with longtime producer Ethan Johns at the helm — 48 Hours is classic Adams, mining country and folk traditions. A few years ago I read that Adams, in part, wanted to capture the essence of a 1970’s California country-rock album here. He comes damn close too with “Walls,” “Angelina,” and “Born yesterday.” Be sure to download “Drunk & Fucked Up,” one of my favorites in his prolific catalog.
Next up in AD’s Lost Album Series: We continue with the Adams theme. His unreleased albums The Suicide Handbook & Destroyer
**No longer available…please do not email me, links deleted.
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Hallelujah
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Walls
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Desire
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Angelina
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Drunk & Fucked Up (Like The Twilight)
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Chin Up, Cheer Up
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Born Yesterday
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Blue
MP3: Ryan Adams :: One For The Rose
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Karina
MP3: Ryan Adams :: Little Moon
www.ryan-adams.com48 Hours details: Answering Bell

Click Here: Listen to NPR’s 2002 interview with Adams, discussing his troves of unreleased material

Also: If you have not done so already, do yourself a favor and pick up, arguably, Adams most solid solo album to date, Heartbreaker, at eMusic for free with this no bullshit trial offer.

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