Ryan Adams :: The Suicide Handbook

As promised, the Lost Album Series continues with yet another unofficial Ryan Adams record. The Suicide Handbook is said to have been originally slated as the follow-up to 2000’s Heartbreaker. The uber-sparse, acoustic, and downbeat arrangements must not have wowed Adams’ new label, Lost Highway, as he shelved the sessions and moved to Los Angeles to record what would become 2001’s Gold. Fans will notice five tracks which later appeared (in a different format) on Gold, and three tracks that landed on 2002’s Demolition compilation (same recordings, mix cleaned up). These sessions fill in the blanks in Adams progression from new-folkie as witnessed on Heartbreaker to bombastic classic rock revivalist a-la Gold. Tracks such as Gold’s “Touch, Feel & Lose” take on a subtle beauty in this setting. Essential listening.
**Slight imperfection at the end of “Wildflowers,” which is reported to be on the master tapes.
***Files removed. Please do not email me requesting these..links deleted.
MP3: Wild Flowers
MP3: Perfect And True
MP3: Tell It To My Heart
MP3: She Wants To Play Hearts
MP3: Pretenders
MP3: Famous Eyes
MP3: Touch, Feel & Lose
MP3: Firecracker
MP3: La Cienega Just Smiled
MP3: For No One (aka Long And Sad Goodbye)
MP3: You Don’t Know Me
MP3: Bow To The Sad Lady (n/k/a Mara Lisa)
MP3: Off Broadway
MP3: Cracks In A Photograph
MP3: I’m Waiting
MP3: Cry On Demand
MP3: Miss Sunflower
MP3: Just Saying Hi (Answering Bell)
MP3: My California Love
MP3: Idiots Rule The World
MP3: Dear Chicago
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