Believe the hype. Talking Heads were one of the finest/inventive bands of the 20th century and this album is their opus. Coming on the tails of Fear of Music, Byrne and company fused post-punk, funk, latin-rhythms, pop, and everything else available in the mix on this, their fourth album. “Polyrhythmic” gets thrown around a lot when discussing this album, and it’s as apt a description if there ever was one. From the first few seconds of the opening track “Born Under Punches” (immediately punctuated by Byrne’s yell/growl) it’s apparent you are in for a Talking Heads ride unlike anything before.

This reissue is a dual-disc with a DVD on the flipside featuring two previously unreleased performances of the Heads 1980 appearance on German Televison program Rockpop. The CD side contains four unfinished outtakes from the Remain In Light sessions, hardly essential but interesting nonetheless. 5.1 surround sound is what you’re really paying for here.

Next Up: Talking Heads :: Speaking In Tongues

MP3: Talking Heads :: Born Under Punches (the heat goes on)
MP3: Talking Heads :: Unison (unfinished outtake)
Amazon: Talking Heads :: Remain In Light (Re-issue)

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