Morrissey, circa 1992, moments before tearing shirt off…
Morrissey…loved and hated, but rarely flat out ignored. 1992’s **Your Arsenal is my favorite post-Smiths Morrissey-joint all around — kind of a glam renaissance album with Mick Ronson producing, giving it that sordid glam texture and feel. This was the kick in the ass the Mozzer needed after the uneven (and slightly underrated) Kill Uncle. For the unititated, listen to these two tracks below, both bathed in classic Morris-ifian motifs. Yeah, I made that word up. Look for a new Mozz record hitting the shelves soon in 2006.

**I went to the the Atlanta date of this tour and one of the girls I was with caught both Morrissey’s maracha, as well as a shard of his shirt (blouse?), after he furiously tore it from his body during the encore. And yes, it was as ridiculous as it sounds.

MP3: Morrissey :: Seasick, Yet Still Docked
MP3: Morrissey :: Tomorrow
Amazon: Morrissey – Your Arsenal

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