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Quick anecdote: It was last Summer while listening to these demos, that on a whim, I entitled this blog “An Aquarium Drunkard.” I imagine most folks recognize the reference, but if not, there it is.
Any true music nerd, worth their weight in rare vinyl, loves their favorite band’s demonstration field recordings. Not that they are better per se (although sometimes that is the case), but because we as a breed love the creative process — getting from point “A” to “B”, back to “A” again and so on. I won’t go into the much ballyhooed Yankee Hotel Foxtrot urban lore, but prior to the album getting picked up after being dumped from their original label, many of these demos leaked, and were the first recorded taste the public had of this “new” breed of Wilco.

MP3: Wilco :: I Am Trying To Break Your Heart
MP3: Wilco :: Ashes Of American Flags
MP3: Wilco :: I’m The Man Who Loves You
MP3: Wilco :: Magazine Called Sunset
MP3: Wilco :: Reservations
MP3: Wilco :: Kamera
MP3: Wilco :: Not For The Season
MP3: Wilco :: Alone


Amazon: Wilco – Yankee Hotel Foxtrot

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