I originally posted the below write-up on October 19, 2005. Since then, Tillman has put out the limited-release album “Long May You Run” (sold out) and developed many new fans along the way. Along with the two tracks from October, check out these two songs off “Long May You Run,” as well as this great interview Tillman did recently with Garrison Reid from Indieinterviews.com.
Tip of my hat to the Camera As Pen for originally turning me on to this guy. An artist to keep on your radar with an album in works. From his site:
“Tillman moved to Seattle and spent a year paying rent by freelance writing and donating plasma. Befriending Eric Fisher (Damien Jurado, Rosie Thomas) while on tour in the fall on 2004, Tillman coerced him into recording what would become “I Will Return,” a full-length reminiscent of the southern-gothic writings of Flannery O’Conner and the music of Nick Drake and Pete Seeger.”
MP3: J. Tillman – My Waking Days
MP3: J. Tillman – Seven States Across
MP3: J. Tillman – Lilac Helm
MP3: J. Tillman – Cecille, My Love
J Tillman interview: Courtesy of Indieinterviews.com

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