photo credit: amy levine

R.E.M.’s early IRS catalog reaks of Athens’ GA lore. While not not always conveyed directly in the lyrics themselves, there is always a film that covers and envelopes the atmosphere of the songs. None better exemplified that “So. Central Rain.”

Brooklyn country-politan collective, HEM, have just released their third album entitled No Word From Tom. This album is a collection of live recordings, b-sides, demos, covers and rarities…including this fantastic take of So. Central Rain. Slowed down and twanged up. While not as engaging as the original, it is a fine tribute.

MP3: R.E.M. :: So. Central Rain
MP3: HEM :: So. Central Rain (cover)
Amazon: HEM – No Word From Tom
Amazon: R.E.M. – Eponynmous

**HEM catalog available at eMusic with their 50 Free MP3 Trial Offer

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