stirratt & sansone are the autumn defense
I have indeed gone full-tilt with the Wilco off-shoots/etc. the past week, but bear with me for just a little while longer, as you do not want to miss this one. Aside from his main gig, John Stirratt teams up with Pat Sansone to form The Autumn Defense. I almost hate to preface the band with the description “side-project” as it somehow takes away from their masterfully crafted 2003 album Circles. Well, it shouldn’t, so don’t let it.
Sansone and Stirratt have harnessed ’70s era California singer-songwriter dream-pop that neither sounds forced nor contrived. Astute listeners will detect a nice Arthur/Village era Kinks motif running through some of the tracks. Clearly an album for Autumn — preferably wearing your favorite sweater, drinking from a bottle of burgundy, with the smell of woodsmoke lingering in the air near dusk. Drop the needle on the vinyl, press play.

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