Memphis, TN :: Lucero
Caveat Emptor: Until this past week, my knowledge of Lucero was based solely on reputation and word of mouth alone — give or take the odd MP3 track here or there. Shit-fire, consider me all educated up — instant-expert like. Savvy.
In the mail I received both the band’s latest full length release, Nobody’s Darlings, as well as their documentary DVD Dreaming In America. I must say (not surprisingly) it was my cup of tea. Raw-nerved, punky, rural, southern rock & roll. Watching these guys live their art, seemingly hand-to-mouth, made it that much sweeter when they land not only a label contract that meets their needs, but the opportunity to work with legendary producer/musician Jim Dickinson at his Zebra Ranch studio.

Lead vocals/guitarist Ben Nichols works a Farrar/Westerberg-like vocal snarl if the former Replacement had grown up in the rural deep South instead of MN. Recommended to fans of: Son Volt, early Whiskeytown, Steve Earle, Drive-By Truckers, Slobberbone, et al.

MP3: Lucero :: Noon As Dark As Midnight
MP3: Lucero :: Little Silver Heart (off the s/t album)
Amazon: Lucero – Nobody’s Darlings
Stream: Five tracks off Nobody’s Darlings here…

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