You may have read about this documentary the past few months as it made some of the film festival rounds. Next month it is out on DVD with interviews with all of the surviving Dolls, Morrissey, Bob Geldof, Iggy Pop, etc. What I personally am interested in though, is the special feature where you can watch the entire twenty minute Morrissey interview. Pre-fame, Morrissey was the president of the UK NY Dolls fan club and newsletter, so his insight should be interesting. Here is some of the press release info:

“Chronicling the 2004 reunion of the influential glam rock pioneers, The New York Dolls, the film unfolds its story through the eyes of mild-mannered bassist Arthur “Killer” Kane. Juxtaposing Kane’s tame, Mormon life-style in Los Angeles with his wild past as the statuesque bassist of the Dolls, the film mines and reveals his life-long dream of reuniting with his old band and reliving the greatest time of his life. “
Trailer: Click Here to watch…

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