SXSW is upon us. One of the many acts I am looking forward to seeing later this week is Texas’s own Centro-matic. Check out this sampler of their work, along with Will’s solo and South San Gabriel projects. All MP3s courtesy of the band’s website.

MP3: Smelling Medicinal
MP3: Saint Augustine
MP3: Numbers One and Three
MP3: The Massacre Went Well
MP3: Love Has Found Me
MP3: Most Everyone Will Find
MP3: Huge In Every City
MP3: Glacial Slurs
MP3: Ninety Secretaries Down
MP3: Janitorial On Channel Fail
MP3: To Unleash The Horses Now
MP3: Karchers Contacts
MP3: Murder Of Tides (Westerlies)
MP3: Flashes and Cables
MP3: Argonne Limit Co.
MP3: Flashes and Cables
MP3: The Dark of Garage
MP3: I Am Six Pounds of Dynamite
MP3: Triggers and Trash Heaps
Amazon: Centro-matic – Fort Recovery

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