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By 1970 Los Angeles was holding a wake for the hippie era, it had been found wounded on the side of the freeway, bleeding from a knife wound to the heart delivered by the Manson Family. All of the incense and sitar music in the city couldn’t nurse peace and love back to health, it was over. While the kids in LA mourned, five guys who called themselves The Stooges arrived from Ann Arbor Michigan, not to praise the time gone by, but to bury it. The funeral had been crashed.

Over the course of a week of summer nights the original Stooges lineup, Iggy, Ron and Scott Ashton and Dave Alexander were joined by hometown pal Steve McKay on saxophone to record what would become Fun House the second and last real Stooges album (Raw Power is a good record but not a Stooges record).

The purpose of the sessions was to capture the intensity and spirit of a live Stooges show on record. Producer Don Gallucci (who by the way played keyboards on the Kingsmen’s Louie, Louie) instructed the band to just show up once it got dark out and just play. All tracks were recorded live in studio with no overdubs or tricks until they came up with the seven songs that wound up on the album. What the band created over a handful of nights was a blast of primitive punk rock aimed straight at the heart of the rock and roll establishment. Fun House is the sound of the 60’s being dragged, kicking and screaming off the stage.


MP3: Loose Take 2

MP3: 1970 Take 4

MP3: See That Cat (TV Eye)
Amazon: The Stooges-Fun House (Remastered)

Rhino Handmade: 1970- The Complete Funhouse Sessions

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