It’s Will from Be The Boy again helping to fill in. While our man in Texas is probably sleeping one off on this fine St. Patrick’s Day morning I’m thinking about late night drinks. When it’s past the party hour but not quite last call can be too much time to drink alone, not that it stops a dedicated man from trying. This last hour is when it pays to be at a bar with a decent jukebox. While it’s been a long time since I made last call I still have the songs that always kept me from thinking too much in the last moments of the night.

Here are a few that could get me to any last call and safely home again.


MP3: Chris Bell- I am The Cosmos
MP3: Gutterball- The Firefly
MP3: 68′ Comeback- Shotgun Saw
MP3: Bingo Trappers- God’s Biographer

Chris Bell: I Am The Cosmos
Gutterball: Weasel
68′ Comeback: A Bridge Too Fuckin’ Far
Bingo Trappers: Juanita Ave

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