In keeping with the alt-folk-alterna-modern-western theme of this here blog, I’ve decided to drop a couple “who could resista” tracks on your funky cowboy boot wearing asses. First off, does it get any better than this classic country jam?

MP3: Boogie

Alright, nice. And for you vegans out there, holy shit, does your ol pal Marty have something special in store for you. Bring it.

MP3: Caress yourself

But la-la-la-let me reach deeper into my bag of tricks on this fine Saturday of March Madness and piss-warm sweet tea. Yeah, that’s right, you knew I would come with this dirty downhome bullshit. Put some souf in yo mouf, dawg.

MP3: ATL, playa

Okay, enough fun for now kiddies. Don’t sweat the technique. The Drunkard won’t be back for a few more days, so there may yet be opportunities for yours truly to continue making a mockery of this lovely site. Stay tuned, and stay straight. Til then, I’ll leave the educating to the professionals.


Larry Stricko


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