This L.A. band’s 1 a.m. showcase at the Molotov was the final jam the Drunkard took in before calling it a week for 2006’s SXSW. Still unsigned by a major label, make that major independent label, The Brokedown played the final event of their three performances of the week. Check out SixEyes for a track off the upcoming album — I believe it was the closer of the night.
+off the dutchman’s gold ep+
MP3: The Brokedown :: Sparks
MP3: The Brokedown :: Down In The Valley
A.D. September 2005 review of The Dutchman’s Gold ep
We are somewhere in the hills and canyons that make up Los Angeles. That much is true. The lonesome harmonies, light organ fills and pedal-steel accompaniment remind us so. But make no mistake, this is clear Pop territory and in the best sense of the word. Where Pop is defined by Josh Rouse, A.C. Newman, Britt Daniels and the like. The Brokedown’s self-released debut EP, “The Dutchman’s Gold,” is a modern take on the time-honored tradition of California country-tinged Rock/Pop. While avoiding the pitfalls of pastiche, the music pays tribute to it’s L.A. musical forefathers. Have a listen.

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