Last year I posted twice about sparse-folk vehicle Sounds Like Fall’s debut album The Wolf Is At The Door. If you by chance read the interview I did with Yer Bird Records owner Morgan King, you will recall the label was so taken with the original demo recordings that they initially thought about releasing them “as is.” If that piqued your interest, as it did mine, the wait is over. Yer Bird has decided to not only release these recording, but to also release them for free via Sounds Like Fall’s website complete with downloadable album art.
track listing:
1. On High
2. So Far Away (with Moonshine Radio)
3. I Went Down to See You
4. Wildwood Ashes
5. Bound
6. Let Me Take Your Hand
7. Dust Pile (demo)
8. Beautiful Like Cigarettes
9. MS
10. Picture in My Wallet (demo)
11. Whiskey Bottles and Wine (with Moonshine Radio)
12. Will the Circle Be Unbroken
Zipped file: Visit the Sounds Like Fall website to download free album and artwork

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