Shit…is there an echo in here? Oh, wait, no…okay cool, I get it now, it’s just every major music blog within the past month has written something about Track A Tiger’s debut album. Fast forward now if you have had your fill, if not, press play and we’ll continue.

Still here…okay, let’s get to it. Chicago’s Track A Tiger started out a few years ago as a solo project for vocalist/songwriter Jim Vallett. Things change. Now a full band, Track A Tiger’s folky-pop takes on languid harmonies swimming among sparse string accents, acoustic guitars, banjos, etc. Think harmonies — lots of male/female harmonies that converge to form the band’s signature sound.

This album sits nicely alongside The Autumn Defense.

MP3: Track A Tiger :: Glad To Be Scattered
MP3: Track A Tiger :: Sound As Ever
MP3: Track A Tiger :: Seashaken Heart

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