Quickly edging in as one of my top albums of 2006, Centro-matic’s Fort Recovery keeps all the promises made by their (and Will Johnson’s) lofty back-catalog over the years. Others have noticed as well. Just last week I read Drive-By Trucker Patterson Hood is heralding it as his favorite album of the past five years. No small feat. NotJackKerouac made a comment not long ago that, and I paraphrase, ‘in a perfect world Will Johnson would be as vastly praised/regarded as Conor Oberst.’ Agreed.
Fort Recovery is not unlike taking your whiskey neat. It burns in all the right places on the way down. Listen to the first track, “Covered Up In Mines,” off the album below. Then listen again for the subtle nuances that only unfurl themselves with repeat attention.
MP3: Centro-matic :: Covered Up In Mines
Amazon: Centro-matic – Fort Recovery
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