One of the artists I really hoped to catch while in Austin at SXSW was Kris Kristofferson. The man embodies the country-music-outlaw-scoundrel-legend mythos, and I wanted to latch on to some of that magic in a live setting. Being Texas, even my cab-driver had a “Kris story” — turns out Kristofferson was his father-in-law’s private helicopter pilot in the early ’60s, making daily runs from Houston out to the Oil rigs and back. I silently wondered how man tunes Kris penned, pre-stardom, while piloting those monotonous daily flights for the Big Oil suits. I imagined quite a few.
March 2006, a long ways from his days as a pilot, Kris Kristofferson releases what is being heralded as his best album in decades. Raw, acoustic, mellow, and reflective, this is Kris in complete command of both his songwriting and perfoming chops. Album opener, below.
MP3: Kris Kristofferson :: This Old Road
Amazon: Kris Kristofferson – This Old Road

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