The unreleased album Tall is the holy grail for Black Crowes fans. It is reported to exist, but that is all.
If you ever had a doubt about The Black Crowes owning rock & roll in the early to mid-nineties you need look no further than the sessions that would have been the Tall album. Stop and go recordings — high debauchery — band in-fighting — etc. leads to confusion as to what exactly happened to the Tall album. It is reported that during this period tapes were often recorded by Chris Robinson and Mark Ford in late-night drug fueled recording sessions, only to be erased the next morning by brother Rich Robinson. And vice versa…round and round.
From “Tall” was originally supposed to be the follow album to Southern Harmony, however, the sessions dragged on and on. After a brief break, some songs were re-recorded, some new songs were written and recorded, these songs appeared on the Amorica album. In all honesty, it is completely impossible to determine which songs are from which sessions. Educated guesses based on BMI can be made, however, these are only guesses. Parts of the Tall sessions have appeared in trading circles which were previously thought to be from the Amorica Sessions. As a result, any guesses at this point are futile. As time passes it becomes more clear that the Amorica album is simply a continuation of the Tall album. The band took a break from recording, and returned to the studio with new determination. The product of that return to the studio was the Amorica album.
Here are twelve tracks salvaged from the Tall sessions. Image taken from the Taller live compilation mix.
MP3: The Black Crowes :: Exit
MP3: The Black Crowes :: Dirty Haired Halo
MP3: The Black Crowes :: Thunderstorm 6:54 p.m.
MP3: The Black Crowes :: Bewildered
MP3: The Black Crowes :: The Fear Years
MP3: The Black Crowes :: One Cop Story
MP3: The Black Crowes :: Wind And Wood Heart
MP3: The Black Crowes :: Tornado
MP3: The Black Crowes :: Title Song
MP3: The Black Crowes :: She Gave Good Sunflower
MP3: The Black Crowes :: Bitter Bitter You
MP3: The Black Crowes :: Pastoral Jam (instrumental)
Details: View Here
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