If you are into funk/soul/jazz Robert Walter’s 20th Congress is an act to see Live if at all possible. Former Greyboy Allstar, Robert Walter, continued on his West coast boogaloo mission and expanded on it further with his band the 20th Congress after the Greyboy’s demise. Fans of the B-3 organ will love these.
Notes: the second 20th Congress track below is a Dr. John cover off the Dr.’s excellent Desitively Bonnaroo album. Also, Stanton Moore plays drums on this album, so you know it’s shit-hot funky.
20th Congress now on tour…
MP3: Robert Walter’s 20th Congress :: Instant Lawn
MP3: Robert Walter’s 20th Congress :: (Everybody Wanna Get Rich) Rite Away
Amazon: Robert Walter’s 20th Congress – Money Shot
Listen: NPR interview with Robert Walter on New Orleans and Katrina…

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