It’s been awhile. I found this cd in my closet this afternoon while looking for an old Bob Marley bootleg. I didn’t come across the Marley boot, but I did find myself re-acquainted with this album. Saturation was Urge Overkill’s 1993 major label (Geffen) debut (and the last UO album I heard) prior to their short-lived popularity derived from Tarantino’s Pulp Fiction soundtrack. The soundtrack ironically served as the death knell in their “cool” factor, but back to Saturation.
Released in ’93, this sacharine-sweet poppy rock record was a nice break from the underground noise-rock I found myself listening to in the early to mid-nineties. Opening up with the excellent “Sister Havana” it was obvious these guys came to rock. And bring the rock they did. With this album they went from quirky Chicago-scenester-wannabe-rock stars to full-fledged arena-rockers, minus the arena of course.
MP3: Urge Overkill :: Bottle Of Fur
MP3: Urge Overkill :: Positive Bleeding
MP3: Urge Overkill :: Sister Havana
Amazon: Urge Overkill – Saturation
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