The Lanois Touch :: Wrecking Ball

There is a reason Wrecking Ball is cited as the ideal when it comes to the artist, production, and music all coming together, in what appears, an effortless synergy. Daniel Lanois has a production style all his own, no matter if he’s working on his own material, scoring soundtracks, or with working other artists (Bob Dylan, U2, etc). Said to act as much as a collaborator than strictly a “producer,” the Lanois stamp in the creative process is undeniable as evidenced by Emmylou Harris’ 1995 album Wrecking Ball.

A skilled interpretter of other artsist’s work, Harris here takes on Steve Earle, Bob Dylan, and close female contemporary, Lucinda Williams, among others on this haunting collection. Lanois’s atmospheric soundscapes drench the entirety of the album, proving either wonderful or disastrous depending on your opinion of his work. Uncompromising fans of the classic Emmylou-era perhaps need not apply. All others buckle up.
Note: I love this eerie Lanois-penned track, particularly the last 1:50…check it out below.

MP3: Emmylou Harris :: Deeper Well
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