One of the fine folks who reads Aquarium Drunkard shot me an email asking if I was familiar with this Neil Young tribute album. I was not…a big thank you for the tip. After investigating, I realized I had actually heard a couple of these covers (Pixies, etc.), but not in relation to this collection as a whole.

The Bridge, released in 1989, boasts an impressive group of “alternative” artists. Remember, this is pre-Nevermind territory, folks. While the line-up is solid, not all of the covers work well [Flaming Lips, Dinosaur Jr.], but a few are pretty solid, including the three below. I actually like this Sonic Youth take on “Computer Age” more than I do the original off Neil’s quasi-futuristic early ’80s Trans album.
Pixies :: Winterlong
MP3: Sonic Youth :: Computer Age
MP3: Victoria Williams :: Don’t Let It Bring You Down
The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young
Also: Stereogum has a nice Neil Young contest and video up.
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