Several times in the past, on An Aquarium Drunkard, I have written about vic Chesnutt and his various projects and side projects. This last time, someone left a comment for me asking why I had yet to post anything on Brute, Chesnutt’s collaboration with fellow Athenians Widespread Panic. Well, I thought about this and had no good reason why I had not, as the two Brute albums are my favorite Chesnutt incarnation thus far. So hats off to you commenter, for reminding me of what I should have known myself. So without further ado…
First off, it should be known that Brute had no qualms about bringing the full band treatment. By this I mean there are no folky, barely strummed, acoustic numbers that Chesnutt does so well. In their stead is Vic fronting, at times, a heavy breathing, electric, rock ‘n roll machine. As a fan of both Chesnutt and Panic, I gladly eat this shit up by the spoonful, though I feel I may be in the minority. The first album Nine High A Pallet, recorded in 1995, is said to havee been, for the most part, the first time the two parties met after some mutual admiration/friends got them together. You wouldn’t know it. The album thunders from start to finish. After the album’s release the collective members of Brute played some one-off dates from time to time, but nothing on record until 2002’s Cobalt. This album once again found the group at John Keane’s studio in Athens creating another hybrid album draped in Chesnutt’s Southern gothic tales, and Michael Houser’s lingering lead. Chesnutt re-cuts an old gem from his lofty cannon “Cutty Sark” here as well.
With Houser now gone, there is no telling if the collective will re-group. Regardless, we are left with two fascinating collaborations from two very different artistic camps based out of Athens, GA. If you are a fan of either, check out these tracks below and watch them collide head on with interesting results.
MP3: Brute :: Protein Drink/Washing Machine
MP3: Brute :: Blight
Brute :: Morally Challenged
MP3: Brute :: Puppy Sleeps
Amazon: Brute – Nine High A Pallet
Amazon: Brute – Cobalt
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